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Welcome to SEA... People are Our Business, and SEA is the Future...

SEA is a diversified company with a staff that is dedicated to attracting clients and ensuring customer satisfaction. People are our business.

SEA is supported by a staff with experience in the company's various business endeavors. SEA staff has produced large performances such as the Indiana Black Expo, City of Gary Festivals, Major Venue productions, and various plays for Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

SEA is a small company enthusiastic about the future and pursuing ventures that are a "win-win" scenario for all - THE COMPANY and IT'S CLIENTS.

"We are all extremely proud of this project. We have built a special brotherhood... We hope to inspire, encourage, remind people that God is great, and show our love for each as brothers." - Essence.com interview on March 23

Thank you for joining us at another Slack Enterprises & Associates, Inc. promoted event.)

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