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Artist Management - Serves as a personal manager for artists to expand their artistic career to its maximum potential; Helps with career decisions, creative process, promoting, coordinating concert tours, overseeing professional team work, and buffering between the artist and the outside world.

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Sports Management - Aggresively seeks new clients by visiting colleges and high schools. SEA will handle contract negotiations, business management, endorsements, sponsorship deals, and will counsel and guide the client's career path.

Concert Planning - SEA will hire artists, book the venue, advertise and supervise the overall running of the show for maximum efficiency and profit.

Event Planning - Plan coordinate, orchestrate, market, and produce events for clients (Festivals, EXPOs, City Events, etc...). SEA will negotiate contracts for all entertainers and seek sponsorship.

Booking & Production - Handle Artist negotiation and coordinate production.

Disc Jockey - Soothe the soul by entertaining client and guests with musical recordings of popular songs broadcasted on radio and television for an array of function: private & corporate parties, clubs, birthday, wedding, anniversary, Holiday bash, reunions, etc...

Real Estate Affairs - Serves as your solution to real estate problems. SEA buy and sell properties with the spirit of providing a solution to a need.

Consulting Service - Train, mentor, teach, advise, and guide novice.

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